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Dearest customers and supporters…

       Little Wing Farm stand will close for the season on Dec 17th for our usually winter rest. However this year we will be taking a much longer break than usual and won’t be reopening until Aug.

       After 10 years of near constant work I need a good long break to rest my body and mind, and breath again into some of the facets of my life and myself that have taken a backseat to the demands of the farm.

       I LOVE farming! I love the creativity of it, the beauty, the reward of shepherding plants through their endless cycles of life. I love the beauty and vibrancy of our vegetables and flowers and I LOVE sharing them with you! It is my deepest honor that you bring these fruits of our labor into your homes to nourish yourselves and feed them to your loved ones. I cherish your words of gratitude and appreciation, for those sentiments feed a farmer’s soul, truly.

       For those of you who have credit at the stand and cannot spend down the balance before we close for the season, please know that your balance will be honored when we re-open OR can be returned to you at the end of this year.

       Thank you for being partners with us in this endeavor to feed ourselves and the land in the best way we know how.

Thank you, thank you, thank you


-Molly Myerson

Owner/farmer at Little Wing Farm

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Little Wing farm is located in Point Reyes Station, CA.
It's owned by Molly Myerson and was founded in 2016. 



If you have any questions, feel free to reach out
to Molly via email:

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